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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

On Tuesday 01 October 2002 15:45, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
> > it is too bad some of the corporate "customer comes first" mentality
> > didn't get into Debian.  I donated $4 to Debian, more then many can
> > claim, I guess I got EXACTLY what I paid for.  Good luck to all of you,
> > and thanks again.
> I like to say Debian is your second Linux distribution.  So go and enjoy
> Mandrake and get used to the system.  I have a feeling you'll be back
> sooner or later.

This is a very true statement about Debian.  It is for the person who wants a 
little more out of their computer or who wants to learn a little more.

Rick's comment about "customer comes first" is a true one, however not in the 
way he means.  Debian's customer is the competent computer user who is 
looking for a little more control, accessbility or even perhaps has political 
motives (Debian is about freedom).  We try to help the new user and as others 
commented things have actually improved a lot since I started 4+ years ago.

Rick, thanks for trying.  It does not help you today but every failed install, 
every unhappy user does change Debian.  Just like bugs that are reported 
eventually get fixed all of the little annoyances also get solved.

In the end Linux is about choice.  Free software is about choice.  You 
evaluated some solutions and made that choice.  At least one of the free 
systems worked for you and you did not have to return to proprietary 
operating systems and software.

As a Debian developer I would like to say thanks for your message and your 
time.  Some other newbie will benefit from it.

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