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Re: The Real Problem With Debian

This is so much like a troll, but I can't resist.... ;-) (no offense
meant Rick, I understand you mean well and were not trolling).

    "Rick" == rspillan  <Rick> writes:

    Rick> The Real Problem With Debian is that it is MANUAL.

One of the real strengths of Debian (applies to Slackware too) is that
it *is* MANUAL.

    Rick> This is not an attempt to convert any Debian users on this
    Rick> list, but it is a statement.  I spent a month fighting
    Rick> Slackware and Debian, and 45 minutes fighting Mandrake.
    Rick> Full balls is nice, but how about having a system that is
    Rick> full balls, but ALSO is as easy to configure as mandrake?

Debian fills a space that the other distributions don't really do
particularly well. It provides a *stable* and *reliable* UNIX platform
that is easy to maintain in an automated fashion, and can be installed
on a very wide variety of hardware (and I don't mean just x86). You
don't have to play the upgrade game all the time to fix bugs. Please
be aware that some people actually *want* this.

Yes, Debian does require significant system administration knowledge
compared to other distributions. Again, it's because there is a
community of users out there that *want* such a distribution. I'm
*happy* running Woody. I don't want to upgrade but once every year or

Debian exists to support a community of users whose requirements
obviously do not match yours. It sounds like you tried it, reached a
valid conclusion for yourself, and are ready to move onto something
else. Good luck!


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