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Re: tabbed browsing as 'zilla's default

on Thu, Sep 26, 2002, martin f krafft (madduck@debian.org) wrote:
> also sprach Matthew Weier O'Phinney <matthew@weierophinney.net> [2002.09.26.1552 +0200]:
> > Another thing you might try... I've been using Galeon for quite some
> > time now, and this IS an option in Galeon. It uses the Gecko engine,
> > so it renders just like Mozilla. However, if you're also using
> > Mozilla for mail/news/etc., you'd lose on that.
> I oppose to installing 30-odd libraries just for a simple browser.
> I don't run gnome.

Your call.

I hear this objection.  I sympathise with it somewhat.  I also do not
run (or particularly care for) GNOME (WindowMaker is my preferred
desktop).  That said, I run and love Galeon, and would strongly suggest
you give it a look.  It just gets so many things _right_.



...and with Debian, handling the deps for Galeon is a breeze.  Support's
been rock solid for the past two years, no breakage that I can recall
(this wasn't always true).


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