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Re: Question about dpkg architecture


If you want to compile your packages specifically for your architecture,
you need to use apt-build.  This utility runs like apt-get but instead of
just installing the debian package is first downloads the source, compiles
the program specific to your architecture and then installs the newly
created debian package.  Hope you have lots of time on your hands, some of
the compilations can take hours, even on newer machines (P4 2.5, 1 GB

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On Wed, 25 Sep 2002, Lucifer wrote:

> Hi there, here is a Debian newbie.
> I installed woody on my Pentium II several weeks ago.  But I found every package I
> created by 'apt-get source -b <package name>' is architecture i386 (*.i386.deb).
> The command 'dpkg --print-install-architecture' returns i386 too.  From the
> manpage of dpkg, I think it is because the gcc installed on my box is i386
> architectured.
> But I do want my own created deb is something like '.i686.deb' and my gcc can
> optimize the code for my PentiumII CPU.  I have run 'apt-get source -b gcc-2.95'
> but found it was still compiling a gcc of i386 :(.  It seems that the gcc-2.95
> source package doesn't use the 'config.guess' which comes with the original gcc
> source, does it?  I mannully runned './config.guess' and it returns the
> 'i686-intel-linux-gnu'; this should be the correct architecture.  Is this a bug?
> I spend my whole last night on this problem but had nothing resolved (//shame).
> Could anyone give me some advice or tell me which mailing-list I should ask help
> from or which package I should report this bug to?
> Thanks in advance.  Best wishes to you all:)
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