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Re: help with dual-head OpenGL?

* Mike Pfleger (pfleger@pfleger-precision.com) said:
> > I run unstable with a Matrox G400.  The only GL thing I try to run is
> > Quake3. I have two config files for XFree so I just load quake with a
> > script on a different display and better XFree options.
> Two config files?  I'm curious now...  Could you elaborate on this, or
> perhaps send me those files off-list?

I don't know, maybe you think I'm doing something special, I'm not.

If I want to run quake, I run xinit with something like:

xinit /usr/bin/X11/xterm -display :1 \
  -- -xf86config XF86Config-4.quake :1

The :1's are because I have X (in xinerama) running on :0

The XF86Config-4.quake is in /etc/X11 and it's just a normal config file
with Xinerama not enabled and the DRI/GLX options set (and whatever
makes your GL go faster).


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