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Re: help with dual-head OpenGL? [was: Woody + mesag3 + xinerama = problem]

* Mike Pfleger (pfleger@pfleger-precision.com) said:
> I find it hard to believe that nobody else on the list has seen this
> problem.  I had GL working on both displays in xinerama when Woody was
> still testing, but my latest install only has GL working on display 0.
> This can be verified with the GL screensavers, as detailed below, but
> it affects real applications that I try to run with xinerama.  All of
> my searching for documented solutions have proved fruitless.

I haven't tried hard enough, but I didn't get OpenGL working on
Xinerama. I don't remember when was the first time I tried, not too long
ago, and I don't know when you had it working. 

I run unstable with a Matrox G400.  The only GL thing I try to run is
Quake3. I have two config files for XFree so I just load quake with a
script on a different display and better XFree options.

If you get it working let me know. It'll probably be too slow but it'd
be nice to see it. 


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