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Re: learning how to set up a win modem

"Scott B. Berry" <n7zib@tritel.net> writes:
> I am wondering since I have a supra Express 56i how to set it up in my linux
> box.  I have read the winmodem how to.  This box is a Pentium 300 with 6.4Gb
> of hard disk space with 64mb of Ram.  I am using speech synthesis built in
> to the kernel called Speakup.  If anyone is interested you may read more at
> http://www.linux-speakup.org.  I have used "isapnp/etc/isapnp.conf" to try
> to get the values right but it is saying "Don't know what to do with any of
> the stuff that I have taken the # away from.  I am just wondering do I have
> to tweak settings or does isapnp already do that for me.  I am using kernel
> 2.2.18 right now.  Thanks for the help.

Hi Scott,

To the best of understanding, isapnp tweaks the settings according to
what is in /etc/isapnp.conf during start-up.  If there are interrupt
(irq) conflicts or io address conflicts, then you may need to adjust
these by hand, however.

Are you sure the SupraExpress 56i is a WinModem? A spec page:


says that it works with Win 3.1 which would put it into the normal,
internal modem category.

If you are not able to make it work after a little while, the exact
error messages, your "/etc/isapnp.conf" and/or the output of "pnpdump"
would aid greatly in diagnosing and correcting the problem.


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