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RE: Why do I need to be a %^#$# programmer to use Linux?


OK, so I gave in and re-compiled my kernel.  Had some issues but got through

I can now run the rpm --rebuild command as you have done below with no
problems. However, when I go to actually make the digi files, I get a bunch
of dependency errors.  It looks like it is looking for some rpm files
specific to version 3.0.?? and I have 4.0.? installed.  Is that possible??

Did you take the digi stuff all the way to the point of generating the
utilities and module file?


Barry deFreese
NTS Technology Services Manager
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"Technology doesn't make you less stupid; it just makes you stupid faster."
Jerry Gregoire - Former CIO at Dell

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deFreese, Barry said:
> Just for grins, here are some of the errors, just in case I am blowing
> things out of proportion!!

not sure what is going wrong here, but I downloaded the src rpm
and built it on the first try, no errors, no warnings, nothing.

[root@aphro:/usr/src/rpm/RPMS/i386]# ls -l
total 636
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root       644972 Sep 13 15:09 epca-1.50-1.i386.rpm

i just did a rpm --rebuild 4001450N.src.rpm

I do, compile my own kernels on all of my systems(again, I am not
a programmer but I still do compile some things), I am running
a patched 2.2.19 kernel on debian 3.0(woody). I put the output
of rpm --rebuild here:


maybe your just trying too hard ? :)


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