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Re: Moving mailboxes in Postfix

nate wrote:
Curtis Vaughan said:

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to move mailboxes from 1 postfix
server to another?  Provided, of course, that it's not a total pain in
the ass to do.

Basically, I have users on a virtual domain on one Postfix Server that I
want to move to a new server where they will be the primary domain.

I may be missing something, but from what I know, postfix doesn't
store mail(other then the mail queue), if your referring to moving
a mail account from 1 system to another, and how easy it is, that
entirely depends upon the kind of mail system your using. I use cyrus
and it's not too difficult to move from one system to another, though
its not as simple as just copy the files over


Ok, I have a SuSe email server III set up.

Also, if you are using IMAP then the mail is stored in respective folders of the user on the server until the user deletes it. While for POP3 it remains on the server until the user pulls it down or deletes it, depending on how it's set up for the user. So, somehow it is, in fact, storing messages in some manner.

I would really like to move some users off this server over to a strictly Debian Postfix solution.


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