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Re: binaries into deb's [newbie]

Hello Kevin,

I'm not an expert, but I usually:

apt-get the packages debhelper debianutils debconf-utils and compiling

create a mutt directory in /usr/local/src (for example) and cd into it
add deb-src lines in your sources.list

apt-get source mutt

Then you have in /usr/local/src/mutt/mutt-<version> the original source
tree with a few dirs and files added, basically under debian directory.
In this directory you'll found 2 important files:

changelog: to add comments about the patches added to the main tree. To
add a comment use, under source root directory: "dch -i", that creates a
skeleton of the comment to fill-it.

rules: A script that makes the compilation and install. In this file you
can put the lines with the patch commands or you can patch yourselve prior
to the compilation.

To compile and make a deb file: debuild binary. this command executes the
rules file and creates a deb package in the /usr/local/src/mutt directory.

Hints: You can save your deb package to be override for a new one from
the debian tree using a diferent version (for example for my packages I
use <version>-darlock.<ownversion>).

Well, I'm not an expert, but I did a few packages using this formula. Feel
free to send me an e-mail if you have any problem.


Josep Llauradó Selvas	                darlock@tinet.org
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On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Kevin Coyner wrote:

     I recently moved from RH and SuSE over to Debian, and wished I would
     have done it sooner.  The whole distro is nice, but in particular
     apt-get is great.

     So far I've only installed standard tools/utilities/programs readily
     available via apt-get and stable/testing.  I'd like to avoid unstable if

     Question:  how do I maintain the robustness of apt-get yet be able to
     download binaries and patches and compile them myself?

     Example:  I use and love Mutt.  Testing has v1.4, which I've apt-get
     installed, but I'd like to recompile it with a few patches that I like.
     But if I do the compiling, make and make install myself, then I lose the
     ability to track it in apt-get.

     I have to believe that after compiling I can put it all into a deb
     package, but how difficult is it, and could someone please point out a
     good reference.  I've looked for a reference, but haven't found anything
     solid yet.


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