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Re: Collisions on lan using Linux versus Windows

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 02:15:47PM +0200, Roman Joost wrote:
> > Can my local network perform better for my Linux systems. Or should
> > I just forget about the collisions? 
> I had the same problem, but i can't remember what i did. What did
> "ifconfig" say
> about collisions? Maybe this tool is rather up to date than the lamp.
> There is a good networking monitor: iptraf. I use it for
> monitoring the network.

Thanks for the name of the tool. I have bookmarked its homepage
should I ever need it. For my current situation I don't think I need

Anyway, you snipped it but ifconfig shows close to 30000 collisions
in the time it took to transfer a 80 Meg file.

I have a feeling that it is perhaps a bit much, given that no other
hosts are generating traffic (I removed their plugs for testing
purposes). As far as I understand the physical part of networking
(which I don't), it takes 30 packets or so before a collision
occurs but only during heavy traffic (i.e. not when I am logged in
working in a shell).

I am using scp to transfer the file. I don't know how to generate a
substantial data exchange between those hosts in another way. Would
it be worthwile to create a server-client setup of sorts to move


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