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Re: Writing a kernel building walkthrough - proofreaders wanted

At 2002-09-14T00:14:34Z, "Jamin W.Collins" <jcollins@asgardsrealm.net> writes:

> To boot without it, you need to make sure that all needed drivers are
> built into the kernel.  Personally, I prefer the initrd image option.

Ahhh, that must've been it.  I switched my filesystems to ext3 a while back,
but have it compiled as a kernel module.

I prefer initrd as well.  It relieves the admin of having to track exactly
which drivers are required to boot the system and which modules those
drivers those recursively depend on, and adds a very minimal about of time
and storage to the build process.
Kirk Strauser
The Strauser Group - http://www.strausergroup.com/

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