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Re: Dselect wont show installed programs

Robert Ian Smit <robian@wanadoo.nl> writes:

> On Thu, Sep 12, 2002 at 05:54:54AM -0700, Armenteros Roberto wrote:
>> This is my first time using dselect to install debian.
>> I did install X and all the necesary components, but
>> it went horrible and it didnt work, so I decided to
>> install it by hand.
> I only use dselect when installing the system for the very first
> time. I say no to run tasksel and then enter dselect and exit as
> soon as I can. This will install all basic packages you really need.
> After that everything is installed with apt-get. Most documentation
> concerning Debian mentions apt-get anyway so if you want to do foo on
> your system all you usually need to do is apt-get foo.
> Sorry about not being able to give a direct answer to your question,
> but maybe you'll like this alternative.

This is generally poor advice.  A typical would be much better off using
an interactive apt frontend for package management.  If dselect gives
you the willies, then try aptitude.

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