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Re: Why mailing-lists? Usenet have been invented, I hear. ;-)

Ok for those that have replied to my post -

1.  I'm relatively new to linux in general and totally new to Debian

2.  I don't think what the original poor guy wrote in his email (to which
some peoples responses upset me and let me to post my reply) deserved what
he got

3.  I haven't posted any help queries to Debian mailing list(s) yet.

4.  I'll apologise to those people/users/developers out there that are
polite, and are nice and are helpful.  I guess i'm getting cynical on what
i've seen elsewhere, and what i happened to read in some of the email
replies to point 2.  Please accept my apologies for what some may consider
as myself going over the top.  Look at things from a newbie point of view -
computers can be frustrating at the best of times.  At the worst...

5.  I understand people getting sick of "god, that same old question being
repeated again".  And the nuisance value that it may have.  And yes - some
people don't address their issue in a posted question in a good manner.
Instead of flaming them/publicly humiliating them why not politely tell them
the "proper" format to post questions in?

6.  I personally cannot stand Microsoft blatant monopolistic behaviour, or
the poor quality of their software [in most cases].  I like linux.  I like
open source, I like the values that it stands for.  And I do HOPE to see
linux/open source around in ten years.  

7.  For those that have commented on what my Suse experience has to do with
a Debian mailing list, it was purely an example of what I considered poor
service/support.  As a paying customer of Suse' I feel that I have every
right to expect appropriate support.  Whatever happened to the old adage,
"the customer is always right"?

8.  I do actually use man, info, howto pages.  I also use google searches.
I don't understand much, but I do try.  My knowledge of linux is not good
enough (yet) for me to confidently write man pages etc etc.  It is something
i've actually considered down the track, when my knowledge is far superior.
I do honestly feel it's a area of open source that can be really improved.

9.  The sheer scope of inbound emails is enormous.  It's hard to keep up
with them all, and I think that's what the gentleman mentioned in point 2.
was feeling.  

10.  Remember that english is not everyones main tongue.  Writing skills are
always weaker for a person from a NESB (non english speaking background).  

Best wishes,

Dave W Pastern

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