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Re: Woody on a 486/50

David Sanders wrote:
I'm trying to install Woody on a 486/50 with 8MB RAM & SCSI CD/HD.
I boot with a DOS floppy, go to CD:\install and execute boot.bat.
Everything seems to be working until it outputs something like:
RAMDISK: Found compressed image at sector 0
Then it hangs and locks up the machine requiring a CTRL-ALT-DEL

Any suggested remedy?

David Sanders

The ramdisk needs a default value of a little over 4 Megs of "free" memory to setup. Since your computer is locking up at this point, you may be having a memory-shortage problem. It should work, but I can't say for sure since, it has been a long time since I installed Debian with anything less than 64 Megs of RAM. You might have a defective memory stick in there...dunno. Anyway, if possible, try sticking in some more memory if you can. You won't regret it....

-Don Spoon-

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