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Re: Worried about Exim, my mail is dissappearing?

In article <[🔎] 20020905022622.GA7990@qk.com.au>,
Lucas Barbuto  <lucas@qk.com.au> wrote:
>A few weeks ago a user complained that they hadn't received some mail
>from a friend that had tried to send them some messages.  I checked the
>logs, didn't see any errors, didn't think much of it.  However, today
>I've had two more users complain of similar problems, not receiving mail
>from friends, and not being able to send mail to friends... and when I
>thought about it, I'd noticed a couple of occasions when I hadn't
>received an email that I thought I should have.  I also had a suspicion
>that the volume of mail I was getting from this list had dropped.

qk.com.au has 2 MXes with the same priority:

$ host -t mx qk.com.au
qk.com.au           	MX	10 qk.com.au.
qk.com.au           	MX	10 mail.qk.com.au.

They are different servers though. There's a 50% chance for mail
to land on qk.com.au, and a 50% chance to land on mail.qk.com.au.
Are you sure this is right ?

Shouldn't it be

qk.com.au               MX      10 qk.com.au.
qk.com.au               MX      20 mail.qk.com.au.

.. or something? Check that mail isn't stuck on the wrong box.


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