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Re: eth0 deactivates overnight...

> > After an upgrade to woody my eth0 deactivates when my machine is left on
> > overnight. As eth0 is dhcp-driven, I suppose this is something about
> > dhcp. But I can't spare enough time to look for the solution myself right
> > now, I hope someone solved this problem before and can help me. 

At what time does it deactivate. If you don't know, run the following
in a console for the night:

  while ping -nc1; do sleep 10; done && date

and look at that console again in the morning.

Also, what's deactivation? What does `ifconfig eth0` say? Is the
interface still UP and does not have an IP assigned, or any other
combination of the two?

what does this output: `pidof dhclient`
in the morning?

finally, can you confirm that your DHCP server remains operable
throughout the night?

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