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eth0 deactivates overnight...


After an upgrade to woody my eth0 deactivates when my machine is left on
overnight. As eth0 is dhcp-driven, I suppose this is something about
dhcp. But I can't spare enough time to look for the solution myself right
now, I hope someone solved this problem before and can help me. 

* after I leave my computer on overnight, network is unreachable 
* ifconfig shows everything is right (at first glance, at least) 
* '/etc/init.d/networking restart' helps
* os was upgraded recently from potato to woody 

Thanks for any hints.      


Adam Galant 
Programmer, network administrator                                 O
Telestar Electronics Ltd.                                       /|\/`
                                                               \ |_
phone: (+48) (022) 332 32 85                                   ' | |.


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