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XFree and Matrox G550 -- HELP!

HELP!!  This newbie is having major problems getting XFree86 to run.

The problem:  my video card is the Matrox G550, and Debian 3.0
installs XFree86 version, which does not support it.  And every driver I've
tried, including the generic VGA, gives me a "No screens found" error when I try

Matrox provides Linux drivers, but when I use their install.sh, it returns a message
that it does not support the version of XFree I have, although the documentation
indicates that it does support 4.1.0.

XFree 4.2 does support the G550, but when I download the .debs,
dselect tells me there are dependencies that I can't seem to clear, even when I add
the specific lib files listed.  Of course, when I do, then just about all of the
gnome specific packages complain, because libc6- (which they like) is being
replaced with libc6- (which they don't, but which XFree 4.2 wants).

I have re-installed several times, including re-initializing, and nothing seems to
work.  I am baffled and _very_ frustrated.

I am planning to run dual-head when I get this working.  I _don't_ want to use a
distro other than Debian, although I may be forced to, if I can't solve this.

The other hardware:  AMD Athlon 1900+, Soyo Dragon Plus m/b, 1.5GB RAM, 20GB h/d
partition (system is multi-boot) + 128MB swap partition.

The G550 works great with Windoze, so the hardware is functional.  I just don't want
that o/s around any more than I absolutely have to.

Please reply to n7fzatarrldotnet.  Being a newbie, and willing to admit it, a 'cookie-cutter'
solution is requested.

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