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Re: Debian update?


> Okay, I'm a newbie who's tried to install Debian 4-5 different times
> during
> my life, starting with Potato, then the version of last year, and now
> Woody.

Debian installation can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated :-)
Congratualtions, you've chosen the best distribution.

> Each time, I get a little farther, anyhow.  Here's my situation:
> Loadlin Dual boot situation, Win98 [15 minute bootup time, due to their
> content-provider-oriented OS which means everyone
> owns my system except me.  Bootup also requires my presence, since it
> immediately stops and asks me what user I want to be before doing its
> 12-minute warmups] and Debian Woody Linux with KDE [3 minute bootup
> time].

You don't need Win 98 - Linux is at home with networking (dialup).

> Last week:  Replaced the monitor, remembered me kernel, remembered my
> root password (hard) and personal password (easy), and got started using
> KWord / AbiWord.  Aaahhh, that's better than MS Word, but I *absolutely
> hate* having to save as RTF, shutdown, reboot into MS Windows, wait for
> 3 minutes by my computer, and then wait another 12 minutes while it
> decides to let the mouse work, and then set it printing.   I would love
> to have a printer on Debian.
> So...
> #1    I don't know if Loadlin works yet, but I'm not sure how to install
> other bootup systems, and I really don't want to take away my dos
> capabilities at this point.  I'd like to keep Loadlin, would like to
> avoid LILO

LILO does not mean you loose your windoze (however, I once did have a
problem with mbr being eaten away). Why are you avoiding LILO?

 but would accept something else -- but I'd need a page on
> how to install it.  Loadlin is something I understand, if someone can
> point me to a working copy.  As of May, it was broken.

> Or maybe the BZImage2 compression was broken, but in that case I have to
> have a way to recompile the BZImage2 (if that's been fixed).

BZImage sounds like too much work...

Kernel can also be compiled in the following way:

you should have kernel-package installed.
 become root (or use fakeroot)
After choosing the option for the kernel in usual fashion (I use make
xconfig) you run make-kpkg clean. Then

 make-kpkg --revision=your_kernel_name kernel_image

then you install kernel

dpkg -i your_kernel_name.deb

> #2    I'd still like some pointers on getting my ALSA started, my
> printer started, and (ideally) my CD-RW going too

ALSA I am not sure of. However, printer can get started in the following

you need lpr (or lprng), gs, gs-fonts, magicfilter (CUPS system works
too, but what I am showing is more generic).

Then you run magicfilterconfig --force

This will allow you to choose your printer. If you have problems, read
the fine materials available on magicfilter and gs.

To configure CD-RW you need to enable IDE-SCSI

your hda is your HD, then hdb is your CD-RW. In LILO (and you should be
running it) you put line append=" hdb=ide-scsi".

in /etc/fstab you put entry /dev/hdb /cdromiso9660  ro,user,noauto    0

In case of having another drive, do the same thing, but using hdc, or
whatever letter it is... just continue adding devices on append line
within the ""

> #3    I'm beginning to wonder:  do I really have the wrong distribution,
> considering that I can't seem to get a good install?  I picked Debian
> because of the online list servers and the wide user base, but is there
> something better for learners that would really help a person learn
> Linux?

I personally read the fine materials available (Linux Documentation
Project)... There used to be documentation project available for newbies
on sourceforge
  Or should I just keep on persevering?  I have no problem
> persevering, but I'd like to know that I'm actually going forward.

Persevere!!! There is plenty of people here willing to help you.

Take care, 


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