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Re: Mouse Problems in X

On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 12:10:10AM -0400, Travis Troyer wrote:
> I have a Logitech 2 button optical USB mouse, with a wheel, and I cannot
> get it to work properly in x.  If I move the mouse around, the cursor
> goes to the top-left corner, and bounces around that area.  I have tried
> different protocols, such as Microsoft and IMPS/2, and tried to follow
> the steps outlines on various sites, but I am lost. 
> Most recently, I tried the guide at
> http://www.linux-usb.org/USB-guide/x194.html, but got confused at the
> very first part. It says:
> "In the kernel configuration stage, you need to turn on USB Human
> Interface Device (HID) support in the USB support and Mouse Support in
> the Input core support."
> I'm not sure what they mean by kernel configuration stage? Do they mean
> during the initial setup?  Will I have to rebuild my kernel to get this
> to work?  It also says I'll need to load the input.o, hid.o, and
> mousedev.o modules.  I don't have these.  Are these in the kernel
> source, for me to add when I rebuild?
> Any help would be appreciated.

  It sounds like you are getting data from the USB mouse. I take it that
  if you start X, and you don't move the mouse, the pointer sits still
  in the middle of the screen? It is only when you move the mouse that
  it leaps up to the top left corner and bounces around?

  This sounds like it is the wrong protocol. You probably want to read

  In your XF86Config-4 file, in the InputDevice corresponding to the
  mouse I would try the following lines (not all at the same time
  Option "Protocol" "Auto"
  Option "Protocol" "usb"
  Option "Protocol" "PS/2"

  It sounds like the Option "Device" is set ok, as you are getting data
  from the mouse (an making the pointer jump to the top left of the

  Also, does the log from X starting up show anything mentioning the

  Geoff Crompton

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