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Re: mysterious offer of shell for 5 sec. at boot

On Friday 21 June 2002 22:59, Dan Jacobson wrote:
> During boot (2.4.18-k7) I see something about hit RET by 5 seconds
> for shell.  So I did and there's this shell that you can't do much
> more than "set" in.  After I typed exit the  kernel couldn't find
> root and I had to hit the reset button.
> So what is this "shell" for?  We are on the virtual disk phase still
> here I suppose.

(Correct me if I got that wrong...)

The shell is basically a root shell based on the contents of the initrd 
image that offers a limited environment for system recovery in case 
something goes wrong with your filesystems.

Embedded Linux -- True multitasking!

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