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Re: mysterious offer of shell for 5 sec. at boot

David Teague wrote:
Back in June, Dan Jacobson asked about the shell offered during boot of a
2.4.xx K 7 shell. (Mine is K6, but message and behavior is the same here.) I never saw a response for this, and while his message is archived, there is no response archived.
I would like to know what the shell is for? Does anyone know?  Lacking
that, can someone point me to a place I can find out?


On 22 Jun 2002, Dan Jacobson wrote:

Date: 22 Jun 2002 04:59:21 +0800
From: Dan Jacobson <jidanni@ms46.hinet.net>
Reply-To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: mysterious offer of shell for 5 sec. at boot
Resent-Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 18:45:19 -0400
Resent-From: debian-user@lists.debian.org

During boot (2.4.18-k7) I see something about hit RET by 5 seconds for
shell.  So I did and there's this shell that you can't do much more
than "set" in.  After I typed exit the  kernel couldn't find root and
I had to hit the reset button.

So what is this "shell" for?  We are on the virtual disk phase still
here I suppose.

BTW, I notice that the first messages I see are tacked at the _bottom_
of the dmesg report.
http://jidanni.org/ Taiwan(04)25854780

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I believe it is there as a debugging tool. It offers you a root-shell, where you can modify the system in case it isn't booting correctly, i.e. you can insert modules needed for booting (scsi, ext3, etc).

-Don Spoon-

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