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Re: Making a Mirror from the CDs

On Mon, Sep 02, 2002 at 08:54:39AM -0700, Edward C Brunelle Jr wrote:
> I bought the binary and source CDs for Woody and now have them, 14 CDs in
> all.  I know there are multiple mirrors but I want to create a very-local
> mirror using these CDs
> My problem is that the debian machine has no CD drive on it normally.  I
> kludged one on to make the initial installation but I have to remove it. I
> have a WinXP box with ALL sorts of disk space and AnonFtp and IIS running on
> it.  I would like to put the CDs onto the WinXP box and point apt to it
> instead of using apt-cdrom on the Debian box.  I'm willing to use
> security.debian.org to grab updates, etc.
> My question is how do I set this up?  Create a directory called
> d:\debian\binary and d:\debian\source and copy each of the respective
> source/binaries CDs into them?  Create a d:\debian and copy everything
> (binary/source) into it?  It looks like there is some duplication.  How do I
> set up so I have indices for the entire binary and source repository?  What
> do I set up as the address in apt to get it to work?
I'm working on a similar problem. In my case I want to put the data on a hard
disk on a Woody machine and access it via nfs. But I think the answer to one
of your questions is the same:
1. refer to Oohara Yuuma email of 5Aug'02 on this list 
2. make an entry in your sources.list for each CD copy, place these entries
before the ones that refer to stuff on the web
3. don't worry about merging the info. apt-get update does that internally.

I'm in the process of setting this up, so I may discover some error in what
I have said, but not about looking at Oohara's email. That is good info.


> Any help will be much appreciated.
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