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Making a Mirror from the CDs

I bought the binary and source CDs for Woody and now have them, 14 CDs in
all.  I know there are multiple mirrors but I want to create a very-local
mirror using these CDs

My problem is that the debian machine has no CD drive on it normally.  I
kludged one on to make the initial installation but I have to remove it. I
have a WinXP box with ALL sorts of disk space and AnonFtp and IIS running on
it.  I would like to put the CDs onto the WinXP box and point apt to it
instead of using apt-cdrom on the Debian box.  I'm willing to use
security.debian.org to grab updates, etc.

My question is how do I set this up?  Create a directory called
d:\debian\binary and d:\debian\source and copy each of the respective
source/binaries CDs into them?  Create a d:\debian and copy everything
(binary/source) into it?  It looks like there is some duplication.  How do I
set up so I have indices for the entire binary and source repository?  What
do I set up as the address in apt to get it to work?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Edward C. Brunelle Jr.                     Internet:
2933 West Larkspur Drive                      Voice:  (602) 863-9593
Phoenix, AZ 85029-2343

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