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RE your inquiry of March 11 Re Walmart Microtel

Hi Glenn and Timothy

While cleaning out my mail box I came across a question and answer
from back in March between Glenn and Timothy about whether one 
could run Debian on a Wal-Mart Microtel. 

I asked the Lindows people what they based Lindows on. They  said:

Response (Mark)08/22/2002 04:06 PM
Dear David,

Lindows.com does follow the Debian Distribution in all aspects. 

Best Regards,
The Lindows.com Support Team

So the answer to the question, will Debian run on Microtel, is --- YES 
Microtel will run Debian, that is what it is sold with! It has some NON 
GPL'ed stuff layered onto X, but it seems to essentially be Debian with
their proprietary user interface.

They claim to contribute to open source software,  but I wish they would 
GPL the stuff they have layered onto Debian. 

David Teague

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