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Re: woody browsers not working

This one time, at band camp, john gennard said:
> On Monday 02 September 2002 17:23, Stephen Gran wrote:
> [snip]
> > > so I assume the ppp config is good and I am connected to my ISP
> > > (the 'clock' is definitely running).
> > >
> > > Why cannot I browse? I've looked at 'path' and 'permissions' and
> > > things seem correct. I can't find '/dev/ppp0', but that is the
> > > same on the boxes still running Potato, so I assume it's normal.
> > >
> > > Obviously something is wrong, but I've no idea what - can
> > > someone please help me out.
> >
> > It sounds like you have a different issue than they did.  It
> > appears that ppp is actually working for you, but that either DNS
> > or routing is failing.
> >
> > I am going to operate on the assumption (correct me if I'm wrong)
> > That what you have are three boxes, each with a NIC, connected to
> > each other through a hub or router, and one of them has a modem
> > and gets an internet connection which it then shares with the
> > other two.
> >
> I think your detailed response shows me where I have gone wrong.
> However, things are more complicated than you assume and I now 
> wonder if I will be able to accomplish all I want to do.
> Briefly, I'm in my 70's and have medical problems, so originally I 
> had one box in the bedroom (complete with modem, printer, CDRW and 
> so forth) and another in the lounge also with modem, printer etc.
> giving me 'full facilities' wherever I was. Following upgrades I 
> built a third box intending to use this for a firewall (I even have 
> a modem for that).
> I obtained a hub, cabling, NIC cards etc intending to have a 'cosy' 
> little network. A neighbour, living in the flat above saw the bits 
> and pieces and said he had ADSL which I was welcome to use (ideal for
> heavy downloads eg kernels) so I cabled to his network (box and 
> laptop).
> Initially he ran Windows, so I installed W98 and we exchange photo 
> editing, music data etc and also have a networked printer. I use the 
> ADSL when beneficial. He has now been converted to include Linux, he 
> won't go yet to Debian, but Mandrake will do for a start.
> So far I've put Woody on only two boxes (bedroom and lounge), and I 
> wanted each to have modem access to my ISP and in due course to be 
> able to access the ADSL. This way I don't always have to bring the 
> network up if I'm likely to be restricted to one room. In this case, 
> I assume I'll need more than one gateway. 
> Paul Condon suggested using 192.168.1.x - this is what I have planned
> (I've laid out my scheme to use .4, .5 and .6 for the three boxes - 
> I'd like to suggest I was being clever, but it was just so that I 
> could leave 192.168.0.x for my neighbour).
> Routing for both boxes excludes the ppp0 entry, so this must be the 
> problem taking each box in isolation. I shall try to get one working 
> tomorrow. Then I shall have to see how to proceed from there.
> If you have any advice overall on what I said above, I shall be very 
> grateful. What you have communicated so far has been a very great 
> help in understanding. Very many thanks and regards,     john.

Ok, I get what you want - 3 boxes, each with an independant dial-up, but
networked for file and print sharing (or whatever) and also able to use
upstairs ADSL.  Shouldn't be too hard.  I am going to operate on the
assumption that the ADSL line isn't there for you all the time (either
your neighbor shuts it off, or you don't want to chew up his bandwidth
just for email and other small things.)

It sounds like what you have right now is that the boxes are trying to
route through eth0 when they should be routing through ppp0.  I think
that commenting out the gateway entry under eth0 should fix this (unless
I'm barking up the wrong tree, and you have some obscure iptables
configuration, but I doubt it).  The ethernet side of it should Just
Work (TM) without a gateway, as a LAN doesn't need an internet
connection to function.

What I would do is one of two things.  Either:

Have one box as the dedicated gateway, running diald, and set the other
boxes to use that as their primary gateway, as above, with Paul's
caveat.  I like this one, but you don't have to.  This way you could ssh
into that box from any of the others, and /etc/init.d/diald stop, route
add gw (upstairs ADSL IP) whenever you wanted to use your neighbors
line, and not mess with any of the other boxes configurations.  You could
use the firewall box for this, and leave it running without a monitor
in a spare corner somewhere, so as not to get in your way.

The other way would be to do the same for each of the boxes.  In the
eth0 section of interfaces, don't specify a gateway - let ppp set up
your gateway for you, unless you're using the ADSL link, in which case you
add it manually.  This is probably the easier solution, but it seems
less elegant somehow.

If you have questions about the nitty gritty, feel free to write back on
or off list.  Good luck with it and keep plugging away - it sounds like
you've done most of the hard part already.  Always good to hear from
people who aren't afraid to try new things.


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