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Re: Sound problem with es1373

On Mon, 02 Sep 2002 the mental interface of Michel Loos told:

> Hi,
> I send this some days ago and got no answer:
> I have problems setting up sound on a computer with a SoundBlaster
> PCI128 soundcard.
> This uses a es1373 chip.
> I installed the es1371 module (modprobe es1371) which seems to be
> installed.
> When I run a mixer e.g. aumix the module gets used (verified by lsmod)
> But no sound at all through "cat > /dev/dsp"
> When I run "play somefile.wav" (from sox package) the program executes
> fine showing the "Playing xxxx" messages, but no sound to hear.
> All outputs were maximized using aumix, still no sound.

Are you a member of group audio?


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