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Re: Debian with Windows XP

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From: "David Wright" <ichbin@shadlen.org>
To: "Bas du Pre" <Bas.du.Pre@Eurocompo.nl>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 8:03 PM
Subject: Re: Debian with Windows XP

> > I use Windows XP, but I want Debian on my computer too.
> > Is that possible?
> Yes. You will need to either partition your hard disk or use two
> different hard disks. Then just be sure to tell the Windows installer to
> install to use one disk or partition, and the Debian (or Red Hat or
> whatever) installer to use the other.
> If you are not experienced in these things, best to get an experienced
> friend to hold your hand, if at all possible.
> Good luck!

Make sure you have room for Debian: in other words that not all 
harddisk space has been assigned to primary or extended partitions. 
Then you'll be able to partition the free space as linux partitions. 
Afterwards, you can install lilo in the MBR (during installation) so that 
it will be used as bootmanager. (if that is what you want. you could use 
another bootmanager) Then you'll be able to run debian or xp when 
your system boots.
Linux is good at detecting other os's and leaving them in peace. M$
not, it acts like the Borg. Although it's possible to first install linux
and then win, it's better that you do it the other way round: first install
all M$ versions you want to run, then linux.

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