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Re: dead NIC, or ...?

> -SNIP-
> It looks like your NIC hardware isn't being "seen" by the system. If it 
> can't be "seen" then modprobing the module will fail.
> I believe you said the previous NIC + Modem were "fried" by lightning?? 
>   If this is a known "good" card, then something might have happened to 
> the connector on your PCI bus, or even the PCI bus.  Try the NIC in 
> another slot.
> AFIK, the module for this card is generic enough to cover most versions 
> of this particular card.
> Cheers,
> -Don Spoon-

Don -

Yup. Tried it in a different slot. I was on the #debian channel just now and 
someone said it sounded as though my motherboard sustained some damage.

Lightning is just my best guess. I was at work - there was a storm here in 
Brooklyn. I came home to no DSL. The tech at Speakeasy (my DSL company) told me
that, based on my description, the modem had been zapped.

Sheesh, I sure can't afford this .... :(

Thanks for help.


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