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Re: XMMS and the new MP3 patent terms

Ray said:
> - Drop MP3 support from audio software and support unencumbered codecs
> like
>   Ogg Vorbis and FLAC exclusively.

I'm sure this is obvious but I'll say it anyways ..just because
the people who work on ogg and FLAC(?) have searched and not
found any patents that they infringe upon doesn't mean there
aren't any. theres a lot of patents out there, the best we can
hope for is if there is any patents on ogg that whoever owns them
never decides to enforce them. some patents are worded bad enough
that they are open to interpretation.

How long was the JPEG standard believed to be patent free? I
coulda swore I read recently that the number was 10 or 20
years then outta nowhere some company buy's another company's
IP(or something) and starts trying to enforce their patent.

tis a sad time we live in ...


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