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Re: kdeinit - newbie questions

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 19:57, Pavel Bradut Boghita wrote:

> What started me on this was that my machine is using about 100M of Ram for 
> ....what it seems not a lot - Xserver, Kmail, Konqueror. I was hoping that it 
> may have something to do with this kdeinit. But after reading the provided 
> references, there must be a different explanation.
> Does this look like normal memory usage  ? 

Actually, yes.
First, the linux kernel always uses a lot of RAM. The reason: it is
there, so we better use it. I.e., rather than leaving RAM alone that is
not needed by apps, the kernel caches disk content in RAM for faster
access.  RAM will pretty much always be used nearly 100% in linux. this
is normal. As long as you don't swap there's nothing to worry about.

Second, after a quick glance on the kdeinit info I posted, it seems that
kdeinit prelinks (and I guess preloads) libraries into memory for faster
application startup time. So this may cause libs to be loaded in memory
before apps request them, again leading to higher RAM usage.  But I may
well be very wrong on this, I am not an expert

Third, KDE _does_ use a lot of memory. This is normal, too

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