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Re: SCSI emulation in kernel 2.4.17

That's what I have, all CDRoms are scsi emulated, woody does a great job at
creating all symlinks automatically, you dont have to do it manually. At
least that was my experience, with potato I had to create all links by hand.
I have noticed that if I leave ide cdrom support in the kernel, the scsi
emulation doesn't work. Doing it all scsi there is no need to add any
parameters to lilo/grub during booting.
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From: "Gregory Soyez" <g.soyez@ulg.ac.be>
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Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2002 11:26 AM
Subject: Re: SCSI emulation in kernel 2.4.17

> I've got a second CD-Rom (for reading) should I also use SCSI emulation
> that one ?
> Or maybe can I still use IDE CDRom for that one and prevent the CDburner
> be considered as an IDE device by including something like
> options ide-cd ignore=hdb
> in modules.conf ?
> Which solutin do you suggest me ?
> Gregor
> On Saturday 24 di August 2002 15:46, Antonio Rodriguez wrote:
> > Important: Don't include support for IDE CDrom in your kernel!
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