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Suggestions for Working Environment Requested


I am trying for a setup that looks something like this:

Linux to act as a back-end web server to a 2 computer LAN (Linux and a
Windows 2000 Pro workstation) with all management of the Linux box being
handled by the Windows box via FTP. Object: Ultra lean/clean Linux; website
development, familiar Windows work environment (Old Dog here. Tough to learn
new tricks and much too much to do before I Sleep.) Essentially the idea is
a single computer that I can use like Windows and that runs like Linux.

I have tried various setups (up to 5 now for Debian, did around 10 on
RedHadme) and have not yet found satisfaction, I would like to ask those who
may have more experience what they would recommend. At this time the next
attempt is going to look like this:

1. the most basic Debian setup (Partition layout is what I want)
3. X Windows Environment
4. FVWM95 Window Manager (I am realistic, I know I will need to get into the
Linux box and fiddle with things from that end and I need a simple graphical
interface and a comprehensive file manager.)
3. ?Nedit text editor
2. Apache webserver with Perl Mods for CGI scripts, MySQL, and PHP
5. FTP Server witchi whichi?
6. Mail Server ?

I don't want to share files or have the Windows box be vulnerable to attack
if I open the Webserver to the public at times. I am aiming towards some
kind of cooperative work environment over the web in the future. Any
suggestions, recommendations for programs/packages or things that I have
neglected would be appreciated.

Best Wishes!
Mike Olds www.buddhadust.org

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