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Why is there no tool to make an identical installation on several PCs - or is there


I am looking for a tool that allows me to do an identical installation - 
packagewise - on two copmuters (or more). One ist already installed and 
running, the other has only a small installation of Woody running. Now I 
would like the second computer to have the very same packages installed 
as are on the first one. Since there is only a connection via the 
internet between those two computers I do not want to rsync or whatever. 
I would like only to fetch a list of all the packages installed on 
number one and "reinstall" them on computer two. Something like 'apt-get 
install --from-file list-of-installed-packages-on-computer1.txt' on 
computer 2 would be great ;-)

Since I was not able to find something suitable ... maybe someone of you 
has an idea.

Greethings from the world around,

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