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RE: GCC 3.2 upgrade musings..

On 18-Aug-2002 Leo Spalteholz wrote:
> With all the excitement around gcc 3.x releases lately I got to thinking 
> how debian would handle such an upgrade...  
> The way I understand it is that a program written in c++ compiled with 
> g++ 3.2 cannot  use libraries compiled with earlier versions of the 
> compiler due to ABI changes.  so how  does debian handle this sort of 
> thing?  If foobar was compiled with 3.2 it would need foolib that was 
> also compiled with 3.2. However if foopanel is compiled with 2.95 it 
> would need a seperate version of foolib that was compiled with 2.95.  No 
> problem for that one file but if every library on the system needs to 
> exist compiled with the different compiler versions, your harddrive 
> would be full.  
> Recompiling everything with 3.2 wouldn't be a good idea because that 
> would be one monster apt-get upgrade and people wanting to stick with 
> the 2.95 compiled libs would be blocked from using the new apps...
> Since this situation must have arisen many times before, how does debian 
> handle this sort of thing?  Is it really that complicated or am I just 
> missing something?

there is a long and detailed thread discussing how we will deal with this
happening right now on debian-devel.

And yes, it really is that complicated (-:

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