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GCC 3.2 upgrade musings..

With all the excitement around gcc 3.x releases lately I got to thinking how debian would handle such an upgrade... The way I understand it is that a program written in c++ compiled with g++ 3.2 cannot use libraries compiled with earlier versions of the compiler due to ABI changes. so how does debian handle this sort of thing? If foobar was compiled with 3.2 it would need foolib that was also compiled with 3.2. However if foopanel is compiled with 2.95 it would need a seperate version of foolib that was compiled with 2.95. No problem for that one file but if every library on the system needs to exist compiled with the different compiler versions, your harddrive would be full. Recompiling everything with 3.2 wouldn't be a good idea because that would be one monster apt-get upgrade and people wanting to stick with the 2.95 compiled libs would be blocked from using the new apps...

Since this situation must have arisen many times before, how does debian handle this sort of thing? Is it really that complicated or am I just missing something?


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