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My own twist in the apache/glibc problem

I see that others have found themselves stuck with a broken Apache when
they ran upgrades on their sid machines a day or two ago.

I'm in a similar situation; a machine I inherited responsibility for,
which probably should have been configured as "stable" or maybe "woody",
was instead set up as "testing/unstable" according to
/etc/debian_version, and I didn't catch it until I was faced with a
broken Apache.

I've now changed /etc/debian_version to read "3.0", and I'd like to
downgrade libc6 from 2.2.5-13 back to 2.2.5-12, but:

mjinks@punk:~$ sudo apt-get install libc6=2.2.5-12
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
E: Version '2.2.5-12' for 'libc6' was not found

And sure enough, the only builds of libc6 2.2.5 for i386 which I find
in the pool on our mirror are:


My desktop (woody) has 2.2.5-12, sucked from that same mirror, so it
must have been there at some point.

This is made worse by the fact that the system in question and the
mirror server are one and the same, and happen to be
debian.uchicago.edu, which I know lots of people depend on; it's now
left with no running http server, and might also have an incomplete or
corrupt package archive.

I've also taken a quick look at one of the ftp.us.debian.org machines,
and found the same list of packages, so I don't think this is an error
in our mirroring process.

So, can someone shed some light on my situation?  Are we really missing
packages (I don't think we are...)?  And, if we're not, what should I do
to get apache back on line?  I've seen another post that recommended
installing a libdb compatibility package but I'd rather not take this
system too far afield from the Debian package list if I can avoid it.

# Michael Jinks, IB # JFI/MRSEC/EFI Computing # University of Chicago #
      Reader!  Think not that
      technical information
      ought not be called speech;  -- Anonymous, "How to decrypt a DVD"

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