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Re: ipmasq seems to be killing aim

On Thu, Aug 15, 2002 at 08:57:08AM -0400, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> I have a network with 1 debian woody system (kernel 2.4, iptables)
> acting as the router/firewall/masquerader for the LAN.  I have another
> debian system with jabber and aim-transport (which uses the "oscar"
> protocol, not "toc").  My brother has a winme system with aim.exe.
> Lately we've both noticed that the aim connection is dropped
> periodically.  I didn't have any such problems in the previous 5
> months while my system with jabber was connected directly to the
> internet (public IP).  For now I'm running everybuddy (which uses
> "toc") to monitor my online status so I'll know when I've been
> disconnected.  Also, we both leave our account logged in (and idle)
> for extended periods of time.  Does anyone have any experience with
> this or any ideas on correcting it?  (hmm, I wonder if that router is
> powerful enough to run aim-t.  I'll try it out later.)

What kernel version are you running on the router?  I am using kernel
2.4.18 on my router with essentially the same network configuration, and
it works fine.

Edward Guldemond

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