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Re: OT: What do Deb-heads do for recreation

On Tuesday 13 August 2002 10:36, Nori Heikkinen wrote:
> on Tue, 13 Aug 2002 10:40:36AM -0100, andrej hocevar insinuated:
> > On Mon, Aug 12, 2002 at 11:22:48PM -0700, Paul Johnson wrote:
> > > Curious what other deb-heads do in the hours they're not at work
> > > or hacking Debian...
> >
> > I, for instance, am a student of comparative literature and have
> > published my first book of poetry this year -- so not much of a
> > professional. :) None of my colleagues have ever heard of anything
> > non-MS, however one linguist has used LaTeX for his master's degree.
> > On the other hand, I know two physicians being familiar with Linux.
> >
> > I fear that most people still think of Linux as something for
> > hackers or scientists only. I, a bookworm, can prove them wrong! I
> > see that this discussion could very well become endless, but let's
> > face it: the vast majority of users still seems to be
> > computer-professionals ...
> i could list one or two dozen people i know running linux for whom
> that's not true, but then on second thought they're all CS students,
> and will very likely end up fitting into that category within a matter
> of years -- all the people i've seen graduate who run linux (or unix
> flavors, for that matter) are now professional geeks in some capacity
> ... all in many different ways, but all definitely heavily involved in
> computers.
> i'm the only exception to this bunch that i can think of (correct me
> if i'm wrong, martin) -- i'm a CS minor (music major), but even if i
> had been planning to do something professionally geeky after college,
> problems with my wrists sustained from my full-time geek job this
> summer have shown me that physically, that's not such a good idea
> (especially if i want to keep playing viola).

I started using linux in the late 90's and am using Debian now on my desktop. 
 I'm getting ready to college to major in Music Education and hopefully teach 
music in a high school setting once I finish my degree.  I was originally 
going to go into Computer Science and probably do networking/programming as a 
career but changed my mind.  Though I'm pretty tech oriented in a lot of ways 
I don't really plan on going into a computer-related career.  Other than 
running Debian I enjoy playing the piano, singing in my Church choir,  and 
hopefully I'll work at a Christian camp in North Carolina next summer (no 
Debian for a whole summer).


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