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Sound problem

I have a working sound system on my new "testing" system, by which I mean
that when I start xawtv I can hear the sound.  I'm using emu10k1 with
Creative Live 5.1 Platinum.

However, I find that I am unable to play wav files, and I can't hear the
sndconfig test sound.

Is this is to do with xawtv having grabbed the necessary resources?  If
so, how might I resolve the problem?

Or is it because the sound card needs to be re-configured, and/or the
driver updated?  I tried using the emu-tools, but when I run emu-config -a
I get:
SOUND_MIXER_PRIVATE3: Invalid argument
and running emu-script says:
SOUND_MIXER_PRIVATE3: You're probably using an older incompatible driver:
Invalid argument

If updating the driver is the answer, is there a way to do this with
apt-get, or do I need to compile it and install it by hand?


- Richard.

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