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Re: Vi and Emacs

On Monday 12 August 2002 11:22 am, Keith O'Connell wrote:
> On Mon, 12 Aug 2002 17:18:31 +0200
>  <aa@simula.no> wrote:
> > If your version of vi is "vim" as it should be, position yourself at
> > the beginning of the paragraph and use gq}
> Thanks for the speedy response. I am new to vi, but thought it was a skill
> I should have.
> Your comment puzzles me though 'If your version of vi is "vim" as it should
> be'. Why should it be? I am in fact using nvi, for no other reason than it
> is the default clone that Debian installs. I want to be able to sit at any
> linux/unix terminal and at least be guaranteed to be able to use an editor.
> Why Vim? Why does Debian default to Nvi? What is the "realistic"lowest
> common denominator on machines?

I think any clone of vi is the lowest common denominator on nix based 
machines. vim has a lot of extra stuff and is the preference of many, but any 
vi clone will do for scripting and admin stuff.

> Keith


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