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Re: printer and sound card setup and WIN2K dual-boot

On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 05:00:52PM -0400, Xida Chen wrote:
> i am new to debian and just installed 3.0r0 everything works fine 
> except for my canon bjc-2000 printer and my creative SB-live. it doesnt 
> print or play sound and i dont kno how to set them up,anyone please 
> tell me how? i would really appreciate the help.

Please read the Sound-HOWTO first. It describes in detail how to set up
a sound card. If that still leaves you with questions, post again.

> and also i installed win2k in another partition and it works fine 
> except it takes a long time to boot (almost like 10 min)... i think it 
> is doing some FS check but i am not sure... anyone knows the problem 
> and solution?

How does your lilo.conf look like? Does your "Windows" section have an
entry like


If not, add it (to your windows section), run lilo and try again.
You didn't write which partition the windows partition is, so maybe
you have to adjust the upper line, but if the 1st partition is your
windows partition it's correct.


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