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Re: exim configuration problem. why is it doing this?

On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 02:31:28PM -0700, Paul E Condon wrote:
> My problem is that every 15 minutes, the modem becomes active, the ppp
> connection is established and held up for 30 to 60 s and then dropped.  I
> don't want dialing every 15 minutes. Why is it happening?

Exim has a queue runner process that's kicked off every 15 minutes via
cron.  It is the job of this process to go through the list of queued
messages and attempt to deliver them.

I have no idea why it would need to connect unless there is actually
something to deliver.  Are you sure that you don't perhaps have a frozen
message sitting on the queue?  Exim will periodically unfreeze it and try
to deliver it.

Another thing to look at might be name resolution.  Does the box know it's
own name?  Exim is going to try to figure that out each time it starts up,
and it may be trying to use your ISP's name server to do it, if it can't
figure it out on its own.

> I have not queued any outing email.  Anyway, exim is configured to dial
> out immediately when an email is sent from a MUA.

Exim doesn't know anything about dialing a phone, so it can't be configured
to dial out.  No doubt you mean it's configured to immediately attempt
delivery when a message is queued.  Diald (or equivalent) is what's dialing
the phone.

> So there can't be a queue of messages waiting to go out.

Certainly there can be.  All that has to have happened is for Exim to not
be able to deliver a message.  On the next queue run, it's going to try
again.  That's what the queue runner process is for.

> And, no one on the outside knows what my internal IP addresses are, so no
> one can be sending me mail.

Even if they knew your IP, they couldn't cause, from outside, your modem to
dial just so that they could connect.

Marc Wilson

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