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Re: automatically delete old emails from Maildir


Have a look at the offlineimap package, it might just do what you want.


* Shri Shrikumar <shri@vitalstate.co.uk> [020806 07:49]:
> Hi,
> I use a Maildir with IMAP and once debian-user going over around 1,000
> messages, it takes a few seconds to read a message which can be very
> annoying. I dont know much about bash scripting and at one point I did
> try using a
> find -mtime +5 -exec rm
> However, I am not sure if this kind of Maildir handling is safe and more
> importantly, I do *not* trust my own command adequately for this.
> Another point is that it would be nice if it did not delete mark
> messages marked as important as well (and even better if it did not
> delete messages that are replies to messages marked as important)

Debian testing/unstable
Linux onefish 2.4.18-lavienx #1 Tue Jun 25 19:07:48 EST 2002
i686 unknown unknown GNU/Linux

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