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>>>>> "Patrick" == Patrick Kirk <patrick@kirks.net> writes:

    Patrick> Be warned.  If you need emergency access to your system, all
    Patrick> the usual suggestions about entering 'Linux emergency' or
    Patrick> 'single' or even '1' at the boot prompt do _not_ work with
    Patrick> grub.  With grub, you have to learn the syntax and its no walk
    Patrick> in the park.  In my case it proved easier to open the case and
    Patrick> pull the second IDE cable to force Debian to grant me root
    Patrick> access before running init scripts.

    Patrick> I switched back to lilo after that.  Grub may well be
    Patrick> technically superior, but if your system is having problems you
    Patrick> do not want to have a bloody boot loader that doesn't offer an
    Patrick> _easy_ emergency boot procedure.

Hm... not quite.  With Grub, you just type "e", find the line says
/boot/vmlinuz... ro, append the "single" or "1" word to it, type enter, and
then 'b' to boot the system.  A little bit more keystrokes than LILO, but no
more difficult.  So all "boot prompt advice" still works.


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