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Re: How Do I download Debian from the net

On Wed, Jul 31, 2002 at 05:16:06PM -0700, Kristen Brown wrote:

> I am fairly new to Linux and I would like to out
> Debian on my new PC. I have been to the installation
> site but I still can't tell what or how to download.
> It will be going on a Windows box so is there anything
> I need to know about how to make it work. Thanx,
> Kristen (new to this stuff :P )

It's in the installation manual, at 


which you say you've looked at, specifically sections like 3.6, 4.4,
and 9.4.  Basically, you have to back up, repartition, then boot off
the Debian installation floppies (4.3).

It's not trivial, but it isn't General Relativity either.
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