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Re: Desktop sessions dying with time

On Tuesday 30 July 2002 01:01 pm, Michael Jinks wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 30, 2002 at 12:32:47PM -0700, ben wrote:
> > are you inadvertently running idled, by any chance? try 'ps aux | grep
> > idled'
> Nope, that was actually part of what I was wondering, i.e., "If there were
> a process doing this on purpose, what might it be called?"
> idled not running, not present on the system.
> So that suggests a bug-or-something which is crashing their session when
> the user isn't doing anything.  Oh how I love trouble reports like that.
> Time to request more info from the users, at least that might keep them
> quiet for a day or two... ;)

yeah, definitely get a more precise description of what's actually going on. 
the thought struck me that it could be bad ram. xsession crapouts that leave 
no trace in kern.log suggest that. memtest is a handy utility for checking 
that. on the other hand, it may be a simple x config error.  do you have an 
xfree86 log file in /var/log?


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