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Re: Need Reasons for switching to Debian from Redhat

In article <[🔎] 20020718122628.7577.PAHUD@pahud.net>, Patrick Hsieh wrote:
> Is the initial installation the key reason in choosing Linux
> distribution?

No.  However, how many people fail competely trying to get Debian installed
and never even have an opportunity to make the choice?  I doubt the person I
was assisting would have ever gotten Debian installed.  This is a person who
has successfully installed Redhat, QNX, Novell, OS/2, and various other OSes.

> However, in Debian GNU/Linux, you don't
> have to worry about the quality.

Apparenty the install process is exempt from the "quality" sticker you've
chosen to apply to Debian?

> Most people get frustrated at the initial Debian installation and decide
> to switch to other distributions with fancy installer at this point. I
> think it's not really wise.

What choice have they got if the install fails and they need a running

> Installation is just the beginning, even it will take me 3 days yet give me
> a complete reliability and hands-off administration, I still think it's
> worth trying.

Except that there's no reason the install should be so difficult (I suspect
that Debian users _like_ it that way to keep the riff-raff out).

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