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Re: text-based M$N client

On Tue, Jul 16, 2002 at 06:11:30PM -0600, Cameron Matheson wrote:
| Hi,
| I need a text-based MSN messenger client (actually i would prefer one
| that did MSN/AOL), but so far i can't find a good one.  I'm using ntaim
| right now which is great and everything except for the lack of MSN
| (maybe i should code an MSN patch?).  I tried centericq, but i found the
| interface to be kind of horrid.. Just wondering if anyone knew of
| anything else out there

There is jabber.  Jabber is, at its core, a separate chat protocol,
but one that is OSS/Free.  Then there is the free implementation
'jabberd', which has a debian package.  Jabber's design allows for
extensibility by separate transports, so that way (in theory at least)
it can interact with AIM/MSN/Yahoo/ICQ/IRC.  There are a wide variety
of jabber clients, including some console-based ones.

I said that in theory it can play with the other protocols.  It does
require an implementation.  I have been using the AIM transport for
several months now.  It mostly works and has all the basic
functionality.  The version I am running hasn't crashed in a long time
either :-).  Its downfall is that it sends too much network traffic,
and AOL likes to complain about it (or kick me off).  (you know, that
"you are talking too fast" message)  I don't know what the state of
the MSN transport is since I've never used MSN.

You could try it out by using the server on myjabber.net rather than
installing your own, if you want.

The nice part of jabber's design is it puts that complexity in the
server rather than in the client.  Thus when a transport is upgraded,
all users get the benefit without changing the software on their end.
You can also try to convince your friends to use it instead, and then
you'll all benefit from better software :-).


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        Proverbs 17:2

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